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    People do tend to go a little crazy when they get into limo’s, sometimes its alcohol infused but not always, people take on an alter ego that can be frightening. The beautiful limo has that affect on people, here some stories we found about some strange goings on in limousines. Get prepared and also think before you get into a limo next.

    Inflatable Eminem

    A lady hired a limousine and when she was picked up, she was alone about from her own inflatable Eminem, so off we go and I think she was enjoying herself as she made advances to her plastic friend.

    Bus For The Party

    I have a friend who’s parents work for a limo company also build limos. One of their aptly named vehicles was called the Stripper Bus, it was decked out with all the necessary parts, a couple of poles, silky seats, you name it. It was rented out soon after it was built and these vehicles last for years and are built for that purpose and to be long lasting.

    This particular bus was rented out in Michigan for a particular local event and was returned in a very bad way, it was that bad it had to go back to the fitters to repair a lot of damage.

    When the question was asked, well what happened, the owner said “15 policemen and 30 ladies of the night”…

     Stag Do Gone Wrong

    A local limousine owner was interviewed and asked what was the worst thing that he was aware of that had happened in his limo?

    He simply said, “We found a body”.

    When questioned further, a stag do had closed the partition between the driver and the party and were taking drugs, one of the party over dosed on drugs and died. And they left him in the back of the limo.

    Something Left In The Limo

    We asked another limo owner if he had found anything interesting in his limo and to see if a dead body could be beaten and the limo owner said, the strangest thing he found was somebodies false leg. He wondered at the time how the person forgot the leg and also how did they get home?

    Too Much To Drink?

    I am a limo driver and I picked up a party of 6 in the Bay Area of San Francisco and took them to a club, they drank heavily on the way. I picked them up at the end of their evening at around 04:30 and they wanted to go to the local wharf area, I therefore drove them there.

    When I arrived the door opened and all 6 of them 3 men, 3 women jumped out stark naked and jumped into the sea from the wharf, which is 10-15 feet high and left all their clothes in the limo. Because they were so drunk  feared for their lives, so I called the police, who arrived very quickly and we all jumped in and pulled them out of the water.

    No charges were made as they weren’t driving, just having fun, they were very nice people, just very drunk.

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